Vandiver Hall in East Campus Village at the University of Georgia. University Housing told on-campus residents to stay off campus and out of the dorms from March 13 to March 29 in an email Thursday night. (Photo/Caroline Barnes).

The University of Georgia University Housing told on-campus residents to stay off campus and out of the dorms from March 13 to March 29 in an email Thursday night. The University System of Georgia canceled all classes for two weeks beginning March 16.

University Housing also offered residents with “extenuating circumstances” to request to remain on campus with an online form by March 16. The form asks residents for the length of requested accommodation, travel history abroad and reasons for staying in on-campus housing. However, the email said residents are not allowed to have guests over during this time period.

Jake Gattari, a senior engineering major, lives in Building 1516 and retrieved his belongings this morning. Gattari said after checking in at the front desk, a staff member escorted him to his room and gave him 10 minutes to gather his belongings.

Gattari said he’ll stay with his family in Roswell during the suspension of classes; however, he said the option to register to stay on campus is important for people with dorms as their only residence.

“They only want people to stay if they really need it,” Gattari said “That’s good, at least they have that option.”

In the notice, University Housing said residents do not need to move all belongings out of their rooms, recommending to only collect essentials.

Students who have traveled outside of the U.S. during spring break are not allowed in the dorms, in accordance with campus policy detailed in a previous Archnews email from President Jere Morehead.

University Housing said students can retrieve their belongings from Friday to Tuesday.

University Village, Health Sciences and East Campus Village are the only dorm communities open during spring break. In these dorm communities, once residents with “extenuating circumstances” register with the online form and are approved, they can stay in their room. Residents with “extenuating circumstances” in the other dorm communities that are not open can only reenter their dorms on Sunday, March 15 at 8 a.m.

Hotel Indigo in downtown Athens has opened its doors with a reduced rate to UGA students who need housing, according to an Instagram post. According to the front desk, the rate is $79 per night for students.

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