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The University of Georgia’s School of Law was ranked the 27th best law school in the country by U.S. News & World Report in 2021, beating out Emory University’s School of Law.

U.S. News & World Report released its annual report of law school rankings in March. 

This ranking list takes into account every law school in the country. The rankings were out of 197 law schools across the U.S.

UGA’s law school jumped up four spots in the list, from number 31 in the 2020 rankings.

According to USN, UGA’s 17 schools and colleges offer concurrent enrollment options with the School of Law, which allow students to earn a second degree while in their second and third years of law school.

According to a USN article, joint degree programs with the law school include juris doctor and master of business administration through the Terry College of Business, and juris doctor combined with a master’s in education with the College of Education’s sports studies program.  

Emory Law was placed at #29 in 2021, tied with the law schools of Boston College and Brigham Young University.

USN acknowledged the achievements of UGA’s law school graduates by writing on UGA’s USN profile, “Graduates to date include over 10 governors, more than 110 state and federal legislators, and approximately 70 federal judges and state Supreme Court justices.”