Various marketing reference books are piled high at the UGA Main Library in Athens, Georgia. (Photo: Dori Butler)

The University of Georgia has partnered with Google Books to digitize around 120,000 books and journals in the UGA library catalog, according to a UGA news release.

The terms of the partnership allow for Google to scan the works and UGA Libraries to retain a digital copy and make each work accessible through its online catalog, the Google Books database and the Hathi Trust digital preservation repository, according to the release.

UGA's contribution to the Google Books database spans works not widely available online, including full-text peanut and cotton research reports, U.S. and United Nations government reports, Atlanta city directories dating back to 1870 and other volumes spanning centuries and genres, according to the release.

“The University of Georgia Libraries’ collection of 4.5 million volumes is a vast resource for students and scholars at our campuses, and the Google Books partnership extends those benefits to people across the globe,” University Librarian and Associate Provost Toby Graham said. “The ability to search through the full text of these digitized materials will make it even easier for researchers to gain access to the knowledge that helps them to better understand our world.”

The partnership was made in accordance with UGA Libraries’ goal of providing digital access to state and federal government publications. UGA Libraries will also provide free digital access to works by Balzac, Sir Francis Bacon, Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy and other authors as part of the partnership, according to the release.

UGA is one of the first “partners in the region” to contribute to Google Books’s 35 million volume database, according to the release.

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