The Arch

The University of Georgia Office of Marketing and Communications plans to remodel UGA's visual identity to make the connection between all UGA logos more recognizable, according to a an email from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Undergraduate Services. 

"The visual identity of the university is the initial ‘flag’ which permits a stakeholder to recognize our institution and also establishes a framework for presenting our various academic pursuits with greater consistency," the email said. 

UGA's current academic logo was designed in 1988, according to the email. 

Since 1988, several of UGA's peer institutions have redesigned their visual identities to better align across multiple departments and branches of the university, the email said. 

As UGA's Office of Marketing and Communications explores the redesign of the university logo system, it will consult the thoughts and opinions of Grady College students, according to the email. 

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