E23 Lot

Lot E23 was built to allow students, faculty and staff to park their cars and then take a bus to campus. Plans are in the works to expand the lot. 

In an attempt to reduce the number of students battling campus traffic without a parking spot, Transportation and Parking Services at the University of Georgia is expanding the number of parking spaces in lot E23 — the Park-and-Ride lot.

“We’re currently working to expand the Park-and-Ride lot by 180 parking spaces,” said Allison Brannen, marketing and communications manager for Auxiliary Services. “We’re anticipating the beginning of spring semester.” 

The parking lot expansion project is in the planning and design phase, and TPS is coordinating with the county to get the appropriate permits. The exact date for construction has not been set, Brannen said, but the expansion is expected to be completed by the end of the spring semester. 

Lot E23 opened this past fall and currently has 156 spaces. A parking pass costs $10 per month, and it is available to all faculty, staff and students. However, students primarily utilize this lot, said Todd Berven, associate director of TPS.

“With the additional space, it’ll be more opportunities for students to get parking on a bus route,” Berven said.

The lot is located on the corner of College Station Road and North Oconee Access Road and is accessible via the Vet Med bus route.

“It also helps take a lot of traffic out of the center of campus because it’s on the other side of the loop, and most traffic goes to the loop to get out,” Berven said.

Part of the reason the Park-and-Ride lot was built in its location was to help divert the traffic, Berven said.

“The project will also include paving the current spaces and the new expansion,” Brannen said.

If students put E23 on their waitlist, they may have the opportunity to park in this lot, Berven said.

Lot S06 will be unavailable right before Christmas break due to construction for the new STEM building on campus, so the students who park there will be given first priority to park in E23, Berven said.

“After that, we will start selling [permits] the day that campus opens up again,” Berven said.

Individuals who were sold an S06 parking pass were only sold a pass for fall semester and knew the lot was closing ahead of time, Berven said.

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