UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Attempted break-in at University Village

A student told police a suspicious person had been outside her apartment in University Village earlier in the day on Jan. 22, according to a UGAPD report. An officer escorted the student to her apartment and checked for damage to the front door.

The student was preparing to leave her apartment around 11 a.m. when she heard noises coming from the front door. According to the report, she said it sounded like “someone messing with the metal lock.”

The student said when she opened the front door she saw a person wearing a black hoodie who ran away down the hallway. She believed the person was attempting to pick her lock.

Residence hall director calls police after smelling marijuana

The Oglethorpe House residence hall director reported smelling marijuana as two students exited their room around 6 p.m. on Jan. 21, according to a University of Georgia Police Department report.

One student was in possession of a small jar with marijuana inside, while the other was in possession of a knife. The officer did not pursue charges for either possession of marijuana or possession of a weapon on school grounds, according to the report.

One student said he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day but not while in the room, according to the report. The officer confiscated the marijuana. The officer submitted the other student’s knife into evidence because it was found on school grounds, and he told the student he could retrieve it at another time.

Intoxicated student transported to hospital after sister calls police

The sister of a UGA student called police to report concern about her sister’s wellbeing after watching her vomit via a FaceTime call at 2:15 a.m. on Jan. 25, according to a UGAPD report.

The officers arrived at Soule Hall where they found the student crying at her door in her underwear. After she got dressed, the student said she was concerned she had consumed too much alcohol while downtown, according to the report.

Officers verified she was under the legal drinking age but declined prosecution due to medical amnesty. According to the report, emergency medical services transported the student to the hospital.