UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Intoxicated student found ‘hiding in shower’ 

A resident assistant called police after a student reported a woman fell off a table and caused a disruption in Morris Hall around midnight on Aug. 22, according to a University of Georgia police report. Officers responded to the scene and spoke to a resident assistant, who believed the student was passed out and was concerned for her wellbeing.

According to the report, the RA said the night before the student had made people uncomfortable by trying to kiss people and walking in rooms uninvited. 

Officers found the woman in the bathroom “hiding in the shower.” She said she was not drinking or in need of medical attention. The officers believed the student was intoxicated and confirmed that she was underage, according to the report. No charges were pressed due to medical amnesty.

Man arrested for disorderly conduct at SAE

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct and littering at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on Aug. 18, according to an ACCPD police report.

Between approximately 7:20 p.m. and 8 p.m., the man was barred from the Georgia Theatre after allegedly displaying “suspicious activity” and “potential drug influence.” After being provided with his copies of the barring forms, the man threw them “on the ground and walked away,” according to the report. Shortly before, the man was barred from Clarke’s Standard.

About 30 minutes later, officers received a call from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity about a man matching the same description.

According to the report, while at the fraternity the man was asked to leave, but took a beer from the cooler “and threw it on the sidewalk next to a dog,” the report states. The man was asked to leave a second time and in response, “threw two punches” at the man who called police.