UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department on March 2, 2018. 

Dumpster fire may have been caused by mold growth

UGA police responded to reports of a dumpster fire at the College of Veterinary Medicine on D.W. Brooks Drive on July 19, according to a University of Georgia police report.

Upon arrival, police observed a closed dumpster with “white smoke issuing from the gaps in the lid,” but did not see any flames inside the dumpster. According to the report, Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services arrived and extinguished the fire.

Police spoke with a UGA professor in the college, who said the dumpster is used mainly for animal bedding. According to the report, the professor said that if the contents of the dumpster become moist due to rain or other causes, they can spawn mold, which generates heat and can cause a fire.

The fire was contained to the dumpster, and did not seem to cause any structural damage to the dumpster, according to the report.

Grass fire may have been started by fireworks

A grass fire “approximately 50 feet in diameter” was put out by ACCFES on July 15, according to a UGA police report.

According to the report, the fire was burning inside a locked, fenced-in area at a UGA Facilities and Management Division storage building on Riverbend Road. Police arrived on the scene around 12:45 a.m. and ACCFES arrived shortly after to extinguish the fire.

Prior to responding to the fire, Athens-Clarke County police had received reports of possible gunshots or an explosion in the vicinity.

Based on this, and the fact that firefighters did not observe “odors consistent with an accelerant,” ACCFES hypothesized that the fire may have been started by fireworks landing on pine straw in the area.

8 issued trespass warnings at Foley Field

Six women and two men were issued criminal trespass warnings and barring notices at UGA’s Foley Field on July 14, according to a UGA police report.

Police responded after patrol officers observed people on the field around 12:30 a.m. According to the report, some subjects were running across the field, and others were “attempting to climb the interior complex walls.” Two of the men “were actively attempting to evade” officers by running out of the complex.

At least two of the approximately 10 suspects escaped and were seen entering the UGA Veterinary Medicine Fraternity House on Burnett Street, according to the report. Some of the detained suspects said the group had been attending a party there. One of the eight suspects detained had a UGA baseball helmet, which was returned to the dugout.

A UGA employee contacted by police told officers to issue barring notices for 180 days and not press charges against the suspects. According to the report, all of the suspects had been drinking, but all were over 21.

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