UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

EMS called for small cut

University of Georgia police were called to Morris Hall regarding a student who cut her finger on Aug. 29, according to a UGA Police Department report. 

When police arrived, the student was standing in the lobby with a towel wrapped around her finger.  The student said she was using an etching tool for a project when she punctured her finger.

According to the report, the woman was alert and no blood was visible. The officer confirmed that emergency medical services were on their way.

When EMS arrived, the student removed the towel. According to the report, it was difficult to see a wound and there was little blood. EMS responders did not recommend transport to a hospital. The student called her father and declined transport.

Student passed out in dorm after fraternity party

An Oglethorpe House resident assistant called police to report a sick person around 2 a.m. on Aug. 30.

When officers responded, the RA and the Resident Hall Director told police the sick woman was going in and out of consciousness and vomiting. According to the report, the officer made contact with the woman to ensure her safety.

Officers found the woman in the bathroom sitting on the toilet fully clothed. According to the report, the woman told officers she had been at a fraternity party and consumed an unspecified amount of alcohol. The woman declined medical transport when EMTs arrived. Officers determined she was under 21, and the woman was granted medical amnesty.

Police find fake ID in lost wallet

A UGA parking services employee called police after she found a wallet in the West Campus Parking Deck on Aug. 28, according to a UGAPD incident report.

Officers arrived and met with the caller, who said that she found the wallet underneath a car but had not opened it.

Police opened the wallet and discovered a Georgia driver’s license. According to the report, officers entered the information into the Georgia Crime Information Center system but were not able to find a match.After inspecting the ID further, the officers determined that the license was fake. 

Police went to Russell Hall and met with a front desk employee to see if the wallet’s owner lived in the residence hall.They confirmed that she was a resident, according to the report.

Officers met with the owner and returned the wallet. They confiscated the ID but did not pursue charges because the incident was not alcohol-related.

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