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The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Warrant issued after Kobe Bryant basketball shoes stolen

A warrant for arrest was issued for a person suspected of stealing a pair of $400 Kobe Bryant basketball shoes left at Ramsey Student Center on Feb. 17, according to a University of Georgia Police Department report.

The owner of the shoes left them under a bench around 9 p.m. after playing basketball, according to the report. He didn’t realize he left his shoes until after Ramsey had closed.

According to the report, the man returned to Ramsey on Feb. 19 and could not find his shoes. He asked the front desk to see video footage of the night he left his shoes, and they referred him to UGAPD.

Police notified the thief of an active warrant for him. He has been barred from Ramsey and Pound Hall for two years, according to the report.

Sinks ripped off wall in Creswell Hall

Two bathroom sinks on the sixth floor of Creswell Hall were removed from the wall of the men’s bathroom on Feb. 28, according to a UGAPD report.

The resident assistant on duty and a University Housing staff member could not identify a suspect but said that residents have pulled sinks of the wall by sitting on them in the past, according to the report.

Both sinks were intact and off the wall when the officers arrived around 1 a.m. Water sprayed out of the wall where the sinks had been attached, causing water to collect on the bathroom floor, according to the report. The housing staff member shut off the spraying water.

According to the report, a representative of housing maintenance estimated the cost to repair the damage would be less than $500.

Homeless man found sleeping in Creswell Hall Lobby

A homeless man was found sleeping in a chair in the lobby of Creswell Hall around 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 22. The on-duty resident assistant called police.

According to the report, the man was in his 30s or 40s and was wearing heavily distressed winter clothing and had multiple bags with him, leading the police to assume he was homeless. The man told police he used to be a student at UGA and was working on re-enrolling.

The man stated that UGA was a public institution and that Creswell Hall was public property. According to the report, the police informed him that Creswell Hall was a dormitory and was considered private property.

The officers issued him a barring notice, which he refused to sign because it was a “powerful document.” Despite not signing the document, the man said he intended to obey it. He was then escorted out of the building, according to the report.

The man was barred from all UGA Housing residences for 30 days, according to the report.

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