UGA Police Dept sign

The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Dispute at the MLC

University of Georgia security called police to escort a student out of the Zell B. Miller Learning Center around 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 14, according to a UGA police report. According to the report, a security staff member was patrolling the third floor when he heard someone speaking loudly. He asked the student to lower his volume to which the student replied, “What’s your problem?” 

According to the report, the staff member said the student had caused issues previously, telling security at an earlier date “I’m not white or black” before he “expelled flatulence in a manner that seemed on purpose,” The student said he was approached aggressively and had done nothing wrong. He agreed to leave for the evening before officers escorted him out.

Student threatened on walk home

A student called police to report he was followed and verbally threatened around 3:00 a.m. on Sept. 14, according to a UGAPD report. When officers responded to the Creswell Hall lobby to meet with the student, he said he made contact with a group of about six men while walking home. The student said they asked him if he knew where Lipscomb Hall was. When the caller said he didn’t know, they began to follow him.

According to the report, they threatened the student, saying “I’m going to punch you” and “Don’t even look at me.” The men stopped following at Creswell.

Police gave the individual a courtesy ride home and a copy of Creswell surveillance footage was placed into evidence. 

Intoxicated student urinates on herself

A Creswell Hall resident assistant called UGAPD in reference to a student who had urinated on herself around 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 14.

An officer responded to the scene and spoke with the R.A., who led him to the resident. The student was laying on her bed in her room asleep, according to the report. The officer woke her up and asked what had happened, to which she responded she had too much to drink.

The officer determined that the student was 18 after finding her license. According to the report, when the officer began to ask her questions, she was unable to spell her name or provide her date of birth. 

The police officer spoke to the student’s roommate in the hallway, who stated she contacted the R.A. to report her roommate urinated on herself twice in their room. 

EMTs arrived and assessed the individual. After she was able to answer their questions, she declined transport to the hospital. Medical amnesty was granted due to concern about the student’s well-being.