UGA Police Dept sign

The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Man solicits students for phone calls

After asking multiple students to borrow their phones and making them feel uncomfortable on Aug. 27, a man was barred for 30 days from the University of Georgia campus, according to the UGA Police Department. 

The man asked one student to use her phone to make a call to his daughter-in-law, but after tracking the number, he called PNB Bank instead, the report said. 

“[He] crouched down and got very quiet stating, ‘I need to make a new account,’” the report said. 

The student was worried the call was a scam that could be linked to her according to the report. 

Another student lent his phone to the suspect. The suspect gave the student a pamphlet with prices for couples massages and yoga and tantra classes. 

 Juveniles break into car

On Aug. 22, two juvenile males were seen breaking into a car parked on the UGA campus, according to a UGAPD report. 

According to the report, the car window was shattered, causing the car alarm to go off. There was a large rock in the driver’s side front seat, and there were several items laying on the ground. 

The owner of the car, a UGA student, was informed of the break-in. She determined $4 were missing from her car, the report said. 

The suspects were identified and charged with several counts, according to the report.

‘Confrontational individual’ causes scene in MLC

Despite being declared a quiet area, an individual engaged in a verbal confrontation with a student on the fourth floor of the east wing of the  Miller Learning Center on Aug. 28.

The individual, a regular attendee of MLC according to an MLC desk attendant, had been told multiple times to quiet down, the report said.

The student who was involved in the verbal confrontation told police he smiled and laughed when he observed the individual dancing in the hallway, the report said. The individual responded, “Do you think this is a joke?” which caught the student off guard.

The individual told the student, “You need to get back to school,” according to the police report.

The student walked away and did not have any further interaction with the individual.

When approached by police, the individual, who is in his 50s said, “These young kids just have no respect for people that came before them.”

The officer informed him if he continued to disrupt the MLC, he would be barred from UGA, the report said.

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