UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Men discharge fire extinguisher in Busbee Hall

Two men unlawfully took a fire extinguisher from the first floor of Busbee Hall on Feb. 14 between 1 and 3 a.m., according to a University of Georgia Police Department report. 

The students discharged the fire extinguisher on the second floor of the residential hall, leaving fire retardant residue on the floor and wall, according to the report. 

The fire extinguisher was rendered inoperable. One of the men involved was charged with misdemeanor theft by taking, and the other was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass. 

Man attempts to steal UGA vehicle

A man broke into and attempted to steal a UGA department vehicle near the Food Science Building sometime between Feb. 1 and March 22, according to a UGAPD report. 

Once officers arrived on scene, they saw a panel pulled away from the steering column, stripped wiring hanging out of the driver side dashboard near the ignition and tools laying on the floor board. The tools were determined to not be UGA property and instead belonged to the suspect, according to the report. 

UGAPD received warrants for the suspect on March 25, and the suspect was already in the county jail. Police notified the jail about the warrants.

Two underage intoxicated students found in Founders Garden 

A UGAPD officer heard two students, male and female, in the foliage of the UGA Founders Garden around 11:30 p.m. on March 30, according to a UGAPD report. 

Once the officer called out to the individuals to ask what they were doing, the male student replied “walking to Creswell” and stated that the two had gotten lost on their trip back to the dorm. 

The officer asked if the two could come out of the foliage and after several seconds the male student exited the garden, with the female still inside the foliage. The officer asked if the woman could come out as well but the man said she was stuck inside of the foliage and could not get out, according to the report. 

Once the officer got to the woman, he saw that her eyes were bloodshot and that her movements were slow and clumsy. The officer helped the woman find a gap in the bushes and she was able to exit the garden safely. After both the man and the women were out of the garden, they admitted to the officer that they had consumed “one or two beers,” according to the report. 

The man and woman handed over their licenses to the officer, however, since the UGAPD dispatch logged the man’s OLN incorrectly, the officer asked to see the IDs again. As the woman was looking for her license, the man began to pull a card from her wallet saying “its here.” The woman saw the card the man was pulling and stated that it was not hers and pushed it back down. The officer realized that the card pulled by the man had a barcode on the back and asked the woman to hand it over. She did so, and the officer saw that the license had the same information as the one she had initially given him, but with a different date of birth. 

The officer confiscated the fake ID but only issued a citation for Possession of Alcohol by Persons Under 21 Years of Age to the woman and man. They were released from the scene into their own care.