UGA Police Dept sign

The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Missing person concern leads to altercation between couple

A female called UGA police crying and hysterical after she could not locate her boyfriend on March 21. According to the report, the boyfriend borrowed her car to go to the forest for ROTC training and the female did not hear from him in several hours.

The female, who is from out of town, said she felt trapped in her boyfriend’s apartment with no knowledge of the area and no access to her vehicle. UGA police helped the female find her car, so she could return home.

A few hours later, a complaint was filed against a disorderly female that matched the description of the female who called police earlier. According to the report, the female returned to the apartment to return items to her boyfriend and insisted they go to dinner to talk. The boyfriend refused, broke up with her and closed the door. The female began to yell and bang on the door.

The female left before UGA police arrived. ACCPD and UGAPD determined that no crime had been committed.

Pepper spray can goes off in art school

Pepper spray was released on the second floor of the Lamar Dodd School of Art on Mach 25.

The incident caused several students in the school to start coughing, according to a UGA police report. Students told a professor a can of pepper spray in a student’s bag accidentally went off.

By the time police arrived, the smell of pepper spray had dissipated completely, according to the report. Officers were not provided with a list of affected students or the name of the student who owned the pepper spray.

Bicyclist struck by car outside Tate Student Center  

A driver hit a bicyclist as the driver was turning right at the light into the Tate Student Center parking lot on March 22. According to the report, the driver said she did not see the bicyclist in her mirror. The driver struck the bicycle and the bicyclist was knocked to the ground.

EMS took the bicyclist to the hospital for road rash. The front tire on the bicycle was bent.

Damage to the car included a broken passenger side mirror, a scratch to the right passenger side front quarter panel and a dent to the front passenger side door.

Fire ignites in Busbee Hall sink 

A fire started in a dorm room at Busbee Hall on March 22. A resident of the room extinguished the fire himself by pressing the plug release at the back of the sink.

According to the report, setting and leaving a fire unattended in this matter was a conscious act that disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the action would cause harm or endanger the safety of others.

No fire alarms were set off by the fire.

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