UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Student transported to hospital for alcohol overdose

A UGA Parking Services employee called to report a man passed out on the sidewalk near Creswell Hall around 2:00am on Sept. 5, according to a UGAPD report. 

When officers responded to the scene, they saw a man lying on his back on the sideway with his leg hanging off the curb extending on to the road. The man was initially unable to open his eyes and sit up when the officer called out to him, according to the report. 

Emergency Medical Services arrived approximately 10 minutes later, according to the report. When EMTs asked the man questions to check if he was "alert and oriented," the man could not name what day it was and stated Barack Obama was the current president. The man then told officers he was 18. 

EMTs walked the man over to the ambulance "for a check of his health" after he unsuccessfully answered the questions. The man initially denied medical treatment from EMS. According to the report, the officers explained he would be arrested and transported to jail if he refused assistance. 

The student consented to transportation to the hospital, where he was treated for an alcohol overdose, according to the report. Medical amnesty was granted due to the caller's concern over the student’s wellbeing. 

Woman calls police over note left on her car

A woman called police to report a note left on her car on the afternoon of Sept. 4, according to a UGA police report. 

When police arrived to the Intramural Fields, the caller said that she had parked her car in a small car parking space earlier that morning, according to the report. Later in the day, she received a picture of three notes on her vehicle that read, “This is not a small car.” The picture came from the "Overheard at UGA" Facebook page, according to the report. 

The woman stated there was no damage to her vehicle. UGA Parking Services arrived at the scene and determined the caller’s car was parked properly.

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