UGA Police Dept sign

The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Suspects attempt azalea heist at UGA plant sale 

Two suspects attempted to steal plants valued at $200 from the Horticulture Club’s plant sale on April 10, according to a UGA police report.

A student worker with the club told police he saw two individuals loading azaleas into a Honda CRV at the plant sale on UGA’s campus. The student worker told the pair the sale was not open. The suspect unloaded between six and seven azaleas. One suspect said she thought the plant sale was open after seeing another person take plants.

The suspects took “substantial steps” toward the commission of theft, according to the report.

Section of rope stolen from the Chapel bell

An unknown suspect stole a section of the rope from the bell tower at the UGA Chapel between April 11 and April 15, according to a UGA police report.

A UGA employee notified police on April 15 that between 3 and 4 feet of rope had been taken. The entire rope measured 11 feet in length. The stolen section of the rope was valued at $130.

Exhaust fan stolen from Thomas Street Art Complex

An exhaust fan was reported stolen on the morning of April 11, according to a UGA police report.

When officers arrived, two employees said that they had noticed the exhaust fan was missing the day before. According to the report, the individuals said it had been installed in January 2018. The fan was worth $525 and no suspects have been named.