UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Former student makes ‘concerning statements’ on social media

A former University of Georgia law student made “concerning statements” on social media, according to a UGA police report, leading to a UGA employee informing police.

According to the report, the former student was academically dismissed from the school in 2015. The student reportedly wrote “F*** the University of Georgia School of Law,” saying the Dean of the Law School should “take it up the a**” and calling him a “c**t.”

Although the post was taken down, screenshots were taken and forwarded to police, according to the report.

Rain damages classroom in Miller Learning Center

Room 102 of UGA’s Miller Learning Center was damaged by water on June 8, according to a UGA police report.

An employee who works at the MLC contacted police to report the ceiling “leaking extensively in various areas of the classroom.” The classroom podium, which contains computer equipment, was leaked on, and four “approximately four ceiling tiles had fallen on the floor of the classroom.” Damp carpets, possible damage to wires in the ceiling and several unbroken wet ceiling tiles were also reported.

Officer lets fake ID owner off the hook

A UGAPD officer confiscated a fake ID but did not charge the owner on June 17.

According to a UGA police report, the officer pulled over a 20-year-old male because the registration on his car was expired. The officer noticed a Florida ID in the man’s wallet in addition to his Georgia Driver’s License and asked the man for it. The driver admitted that the picture on the Florida ID was indeed him, but that he was not 21 years old.

The officer confiscated the ID to be placed into evidence, but did not charge the driver with possession of a fake ID, choosing only to give him a courtesy warning for expired registration, according to the report.

“Due to the fact that my interaction with the driver was not predicated on a status offense associated with alcohol possession, prosecution is declined,” the report reads.

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