UGA Police Dept sign

The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Intoxicated student found unconscious on the sidewalk

A University of Georgia police officer found an unconscious man laying on the sidewalk with his phone next to him playing music on May 1.

The officer was driving by Sanford Stadium when he noticed the man on the sidewalk a little before 3:00 a.m. According to the report, the officer approached the individual and was eventually able to wake him.

The man said he had been coming from downtown and was trying to wait for an Uber. The officer believed the man was intoxicated, which led to him falling asleep before his ride arrived. The man told the officer he was a sophomore at UGA and proceeded to start walking home because he didn’t want to pay for an Uber, according to the report.

The student admitted to drinking before he had gone out. After confirming the student was underage, the officer issued him a citation for possession/consumption of alcohol under the age of 21.

Woman injured after passing out

A woman passed out while making rounds at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on April 30.

When police and emergency medical services arrived at the hospital, they found the woman sitting on the ground. According to the report, she scraped her knee and sustained injuries to her face when she hit the concrete.

The woman said she had been sick recently and had a fever earlier in the day although she wasn’t sure if that’s why she lost consciousness, according to the police report. She had a friend drive her to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center to get checked out.

Woman pulled over for wearing headphones while driving, caught with fake ID

A woman was who pulled over on April 26 for driving on campus while wearing headphones was found to have a fake ID, according to a UGA police report.

A UGA police officer saw the woman driving at the intersection of East Carlton Street and River Road with noise-canceling headphones on her head. The officer pulled her over, and the woman told the officer the headphones were broken, according to the report.

The driver gave the officer her ID, but the officer observed a second ID in her wallet. The officer requested the second ID as well, which the driver said was her friend’s. The first ID was valid, but a check of the second ID showed it was a fake, according to the report.

The officer issued the driver a citation for driving while wearing a device which impaired her hearing. The officer did not charge the female with possession of a fake ID but the ID was taken to be turned in as evidence and destroyed, according to the report.

UGA bus damaged in hit and run

A UGA bus driver was driving down Broad Street on April 23 when a vehicle to the bus’s left tried to make a right turn onto Hull Street, according to a UGA police report. The bus driver said she hit her brakes but still made contact with the vehicle, which fled the scene.

The bus received scrapes across the front fender on the driver’s side and scratches at the base of the mirror on the same side. Camera footage captured the license plate number of the vehicle that fled, according to the report.