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The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

Non-student used washing machine in dorm, stole items

A male who is not a University of Georgia student was caught with multiple stolen items on Feb. 13 after he used a washing machine in McWhorter Hall in East Campus Village.

A housing employee called police when she saw the suspect inside the dorm. He matched a description of an individual from an earlier incident in the dorm which prompted a call to the Athens-Clarke County police, according to the report.

The employee’s supervisor told police she wanted the man barred from the dorm. The supervisor said she received complaints from residents who said the suspect followed them into the dorm. She said the suspect was seen using the washing machine earlier in the day.

Police detained the suspect at Rooker Hall and found he had an active warrant for destruction of government property, according to the report. Officers searched the suspect and found multiple stolen items, including a driver’s license, student ID, iPhone and credit cards.

The suspect did not explain why he stole the items. Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with theft by receiving stolen property, according to the report.

Man returns to UGA library after previously banned

A man who was barred from the UGA Main Library on Feb. 16 returned on Feb. 17. Library staff called UGA police, who then detained the suspect on Jackson Street in front of the North Campus Deck, according to the police report.

Officers confirmed the suspect was the same individual who had been previously barred from the library, according to the report.

UGA police arrested the suspect for criminal trespass and transported him to the Athens-Clarke County Jail.

Police arrest woman with warrant in Tate Plaza

UGA police arrested a woman who had a warrant for battery on Feb.14 in Tate Plaza. According to the police report, officers towed her car for being improperly parked and discovered the warrant while trying to get in contact with her. The warrant was for a battery offense in College Park, Georgia.

Police approached the woman in Tate Plaza and asked her if she knew there was an active warrant in her name. She said she had no idea, but that she did have a pending case in Fulton County for aggravated assault for which she had already bonded out of jail.

The woman was arrested by UGA police, then turned over to Clarke County Sheriff's deputies.

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