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Jamie Monogan, an associate professor of political science, is being investigated by Homeland Security Investigations.

A University of Georgia political science professor is under investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an ICE official confirmed on Nov. 21.

James E. “Jamie” Monogan III is being investigated by Homeland Security Investigations, an agency within Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE spokesperson Lindsay Williams confirmed.

The agency has received assistance from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles confirmed on Nov. 18. Both Williams and Miles declined to provide further comment.

UGA spokesperson Greg Trevor said in an October statement that Monogan had submitted his resignation. Monogan “is not permitted on campus and has been relieved of his duties,” he added.

In a Sept. 27 resignation letter acquired in late October by The Red & Black through an open records request, Monogan submitted his resignation effective Dec. 31, 2019.

“I acknowledge that in the event I am charged with a violation of state or federal law, a thorough review of the circumstances may be carried out and appropriate action taken pursuant to Board of Regents Policy 8.3.9 Discipline and Removal of Faculty Members,” Monogan wrote.

The letter was addressed to Matthew Auer, Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs at UGA. Copied on the letter was Political Science Department Head Scott Ainsworth and UGA General Counsel Michael Raeber.

Monogan is a U.S. citizen. HSI has broad legal authority to investigate criminal activity.

As early as Oct. 16, UGA had removed websites and social media posts mentioning Monogan.

The Red & Black has been reporting on this story and will provide updates as our reporting continues.

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