University of Georgia’s President Jere Morehead delivers his State of the University speech on Jan. 20, 2020 at the University’s Chapel in Athens, Georgia.

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead issued a new statement on the nationwide protests over police violence and the killings of unarmed black people.

The statement, sent to students, faculty and staff through an Archnews email, comes the day after thousands marched through downtown Athens to protest police violence. The protest dwindled in number before police dispersed about 100 protesters with tear gas at the UGA Arch around midnight.

Morehead released a statement on Twitter yesterday, calling for the university community to “recommit … to the pillars of the Arch: Wisdom Justice and Moderation.” The statement was criticized by students and professors online, who pointed out that Morehead did not explicitly mention black people, police, or the widely publicized killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor that sparked the protests.

In the new statement, Morehead directly addressed black students, faculty, staff and alumni, mentioned those who had been killed, and acknowledged that “we [UGA] don’t always get it right, and mistakes are made.” Morehead did not mention the protests that took place in Athens.

Read the full statement below:

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How many Americans realize many civilian police officers have been sent to a foreign country for training. This has been going on for many years. But this training is more like military training than preparation for being a civilian police officer in our country today. Here is a link to one article of many which can be easily found on the internet:

https://theintercept.com/2017/09/15/police-israel-cops-training-adl-human-rights-abuses-dc-washington/. Read it and see what you think. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D. Physics

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