University of Georgia President Jere Morehead presents the State of the University address at the UGA North Chapel on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. In the address, President Moorehead emphasized record-high numbers of graduation rates, standardized test scores of incoming freshmen and the university’s economic impact on the state of Georgia. (Photo/Gabriella Audi, www.gabbyaudi10.wixsite.com/mysite-1)

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead held the second and final University Cabinet of the semester on April 24, addressing increases in faculty pay and benefits and other institutional matters and achievements.

“Our thoughts, our prayers are with the young man Tate who was injured, as well as the other student,” said Morehead addressing the recent armed robbery and shooting in the opening of his report.

Morehead then announced merit-based salary increases of up to 4% to take effect on July 1 and additional funding to address “compression, conversion and equity.” Morehead said graduate stipends will also receive a 2% raise, and UGA will now pay half of the graduate students’ health insurance premiums.

Also in July, Morehead said new Provost Jack Hu will take over for Libby Morris, the current interim provost. He then turned to the recent announcement of the renaming of the College of Education after Mary Frances Early, the first African American graduate of UGA and a former music educator.

“I was pleased to provide the lead gift by designating the President’s Venture Fund to create four new $100,000 Georgia Commitment Scholarships,” Morehead said. “These scholarships will be awarded with a preference for students pursuing majors in the College of Education or music education.”

Morehead said the Georgia Commitment Scholarships campaign has surpassed its original goal of creating 400 need-based scholarships.

Morehead closed his report by noting UGA’s commitment to recruiting underrepresented and minority students ahead of the freshmen commitment deadline coming up on May 1.

Morris then delivered her report addressing the recent successes in faculty and student achievements, particularly in the Honors Program, as well as record faculty promotions.

After approving naming action items and viewing the academic year’s media highlights reel, members of the University Cabinet saw a presentation on the Georgia Possible program, which aims to teach Clarke County high schoolers leadership skills and college readiness.

After hearing from UGA students who toured the state on the university’s behalf, the meeting was adjourned.

University Council

Later in the day, the University Council met. Morehead covered many of the same highlights in his earlier cabinet report. The University Council approved all items, including a number of new minors, major terminations and changes to major names on the agenda. However, they motioned to table an action item, “proposal to revise Academic Affairs Policy Statement, No. 13.” A full listing of the agenda items is available on the University Council website.

After Student Government Association President Rachel Byers delivered her first report to the council since being inaugurated, the meeting adjourned. Byers said she looks forward to working with members of the administration and the student body to fulfill her “bridging the gap” platform.

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