Uga X, known as Que, has recently been named the best college mascot in the country along with his predecessors by USA Today.

The ranking was part of USA Today's 2017 College Football Fan Index. Voters chose Uga through online polls on the newspaper's website.

Que has been the university’s mascot for two years. He received his spiked collar at Georgia's game against Georgia Southern on Nov, 21, 2015, where he was officially introduced.

Que took over as the official mascot from his grandfather Uga IX, or Russ, who served for three years prior.

The tradition began in 1956 with Uga I, ‘Hood’s Ole Dan.’ He was given to Frank W. “Sonny” Seiler and his family as a wedding gift.

Seiler brought Uga to the first home game of the season, and afterwards, head coach Wally Butts asked to use the English bulldog as Georgia’s mascot.

The Seiler family has taken care of the beloved mascot and his lineage from their home in Savannah, Georgia, ever since.

The current Uga traditionally appears at every home football game of the season to encourage the team and the crowd.

After each mascot passes away, they are laid to rest in marble vaults near the south stands of Sanford Stadium where all of the Ugas are buried.

On the vaults are inscribed epitaphs, representing the legacy of the mascot. “A Big Dog For A Big Job, And He Handled It Well” reads the epitaph for Uga VI, and “The Dog of the Decade” for Uga IV.

Que watched the first game of the season against Appalachian State University from his doghouse in Sanford Stadium this past Saturday, carrying on the tradition.

Correction: A previous version of this article indicated that Uga was ranked best mascot by a different publication when Uga was actually ranked first by USA Today. The Red & Black regrets this error.

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