Signs in the University of Georgia's Legion Pool parking lot denote the site as a COVID-19 surveillance testing site in Athens, Georgia, on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach; @taylormckenzie_photo)

On Wednesday, the University of Georgia reported 173 confirmed COVID-19 cases from Aug. 17-21. This was up from 68 new cases from Aug. 10-14. UGA has reported 698 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

32 of the 173 positive cases came from UGA’s surveillance testing of asymptomatic volunteers in the UGA community. UGA conducted 1,364 surveillance tests from Aug. 17-21. This is an improvement from the 793 reported surveillance tests during the previous week, but still slightly below the university’s goal to test 300 asymptomatic volunteers per day. The positivity rate also rose to 2.35% last week from 0.38% the week prior.

Now that classes have started, more UGA students are getting tested for the coronavirus. UGA reports that from Aug. 17-21, 63% of its asymptomatic test volunteers were students, including 73% on the first two days of class. The university aims for approximately 75-80% of its volunteers to be students.

Of the 32 positive tests from UGA’s surveillance testing, 29 were from students, one was from staff and two were from unknown sources. None were from faculty.

In addition to surveillance testing, UGA reported 141 new cases through DawgCheck. Of those cases, 32 of the positive tests were from the University Health Center, 33 were from Athens and local community testing sites and 70 were from unspecified or non local testing sites.

Unlike other universities, UGA does not specify where infected community members may have been on campus. Therefore, some of the positive cases may be from community members far away from Athens and UGA’s main campus.

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With some many new Coronavirus cases showing up in UGA students, UGA needs to think of closing all the in person classes in the best interest of students and staff.


UGA should offer more in person classes. They have been plenty of safeguards in place for classes. Students are not getting it from sitting in a class. Also how can we know that people reporting positives on DawgCheck are accurate.


As a student who is literally taking all the precautions I can. being on campus is the greatest risk of exposure to me. i could end up getting sick and potentially devolving cardiovascular health conditions due to the recklessness of other students. I don't think it's fair to force students top go on campus with the threat of not receiving credit for classes. Masks protect others not me, so it doesn't make sense to put my health in danger to take classes that could just be taught online. many students do not wear masks when walking on sidewalks within 6 feet of me or when in the buildings in between classes.

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