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The University of Georgia Student Government Association sent a statement to the community on Sept. 18 acknowledging the university's reopening shortcomings. (Photo/Caroline Barnes)

The University of Georgia Student Government Association pledged to hold the university’s administration accountable in a Friday email to students signed by President Asim Ahmed, Vice President Cheryl Kwapong and Treasurer Carson Kuck. 

SGA recommended that UGA expand COVID-19 testing capacity and start reporting daily numbers to the community. The university currently conducts 450 surveillance tests per day. UGA currently reports its COVID-19 data once a week, while the Georgia Institute of Technology, another institution in the University System of Georgia, updates its case information daily.

“We knew we wanted to say something for a while. We just couldn’t really put it into words until recently,” SGA Chief of Staff Casey Smith told The Red & Black. “We’ve had enough time on this campus to see how exactly we’ve handled the pandemic.” 

SGA looked at UGA’s peer institutions and decided that it isn’t administering enough COVID-19 tests. The main purpose of the email was to get the attention of UGA’s administration, Smith said. The USG was also mentioned in the email. 

The email called out some students for disregarding public health guidance by taking part in Athens’ nightlife. 

“In light of reopening shortcomings, it is even more vital that students abide by public health guidelines as a necessary step in order to keep our community healthy,” the email said. “We will continue to meet with relevant departments such as the Greek Life Office, Office of Student Conduct, and UGA Housing to hold each other accountable.” 

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