A shot of the Student Government Association logo sign at the 2019 SGA Inauguration on Apr. 9, 2019 at the University of Georgia Chapel in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

The University of Georgia Student Government Association named executive ticket candidates Tuesday morning.

Each ticket chooses a name to represent themselves and their platform. This year three tickets are running: Unite, Forward and Beyond.

Asim Ahmed, a junior, will seek the SGA presidency for the second year in a row. Ahmed will head the Unite ticket. Junior Cheryl Kwapong will represent the ticket as the candidate for vice president, while Carson Kuck, a junior, is Unite’s candidate for treasurer. Kuck currently serves as the chair of first-year senators.

Junior Dyer Whitehurst, is running for president of the Forward ticket. Junior Grace Green is on the ticket as vice president with Kristen Dunning, a sophomore, as treasurer. All three members of Forward have not served on SGA before, said Jantz Womack, Forward’s primary liaison and associate counsel.

The Beyond ticket includes juniors Briana Hayes, Hannah Payne and Matthew McDaniel. Hayes, a former SGA senator and 2019 Miss University of Georgia, is the presidential candidate. Payne is the current legislative communications director and will serve as vice president if Beyond wins. McDaniel, the treasurer candidate, currently serves as the president pro tempore of the senate.

When compared to the other tickets, the Beyond candidates have the most SGA experience considering McDaniel’s and Payne’s leadership roles within the student government.

Only the Forward ticket has endorsements from student organizations, including UGA Miracle, Students Supporting Students and 11 Greek Life chapters. Womack is the president of Students Supporting Students as well as Forward’s primary liaison.

According to the SGA elections website, executive tickets “are responsible for creating broad initiatives and programs that reflect the desires of [the] student body.”

Campaigning begins on Feb. 17 and lasts until Feb. 26. Students can vote on the UGA Involvement Network Feb. 24-26, and results will be announced Feb. 26 if no runoff is needed.

Corrections: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated results will be announced Feb. 28 if no runoff is needed. Results will be announced Feb. 26 if no runoff is needed. If a runoff is needed, results will be announced Feb. 28. Also, Hannah Payne was incorrectly identified as the SGA communications director, she is actually the legislative communications director. The Red & Black regrets these errors, and they have since been fixed.