The University of Georgia Student Government Association podium on Feb. 28, 2020. (Photo/Caroline Barnes)

The University of Georgia Student Government Association rescheduled its campus safety walk to March 1 because of inclement weather and plans to host a blood drive on March 16.

The campus safety committee discussed the delayed campus safety walk during its meeting.

Describing it as “an unintended benefit of this terrible weather,” Will Curvin, a member of the campus safety committee, wants to take advantage of the delay and host an unofficial campus safety walk with his committee. Curvin’s goal is to gain insight into ways campus safety can be improved before the official walk.

The student experience committee voted on legislation to hold a blood drive on March 16, and it will be brought to the Senate on Feb. 22.

Curvin said he wanted each person in the campus safety committee to volunteer at the drive and promote it on social media during the upcoming weeks.

The campus safety committee is also working on creating a town hall Q&A series with the UGA police department. The series is intended to bridge the gap between students and the police department, as well as making the police themselves available as a resource.

In the campus services committee meeting, Zane Malas, a member of the committee, mentioned wanting to work on creating more concrete policies regarding classes for students who have had concussions or are in the hospital.

The equity, diversity and inclusion committee did not have any legislation but spent its time discussing how it can work to better support the LGBTQ community.