President Rachel Byers announced SGA had extra funds in its budget to purchase 100 blue books to give to students at no cost during the University of Georgia’s Student Government Association’s executive cabinet meeting on Dec. 3. (Photo/Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

At the University of Georgia’s Student Government Association’s executive cabinet meeting, cabinet members provided updates on projects that are wrapping up for the end of the semester, as well as some that will begin in January.

SGA President Rachel Byers updated members on ongoing plans for supportive mental health initiatives at UGA. This past week Byers met with the executive director of the University Health Center concerning Counseling and Psychiatric Services. Byers said she is looking to help improve the mental health services offered to students through CAPS.

Byers said she had heard from students on campus who “haven't felt that sense of care for that process, so we're still looking at how we can improve that process and maybe even having some best practices or communications like tips to present to the clinicians.”

Vice President Melissa Hevener introduced a new website the executive board has worked on with Communications and Marketing Initiatives and Enterprise Information Technology Services.

Set to officially roll out in January, the website will serve as a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to finding available resources for a variety of student needs ranging from academic resources to student care and outreach to career planning. The service will also be available on mobile devices and the UGA app.

Executive Liaison Joshua Ng spoke about the status of legislation introduced in last week’s senate. According to Ng, the senate is taking steps in regard to Proclamation 32-09 regarding religious discrimination.

The senate is in the process of working with UGA’s Equal Opportunity Office and UGA Housing to “educate students on discrimination and review all the current cases of discrimination that have been reported,” Ng said. He added that SGA is working to provide students with resources to report incidents of discrimination.

SGA is also working to establish alternate walking paths as a result of Resolution 32-06. This issue was discussed in reference to graphic anti-abortion demonstrations outside of Tate Student Center early last week. Resolution 32-07 created a public disclosure platform to outline all internal and external organizations "tabling, advertising or advocating" at freedom expression forums. Ng said all organizations that wish to table “will need to start submitting information briefing the activity and location,” which will be available to the student body.

Treasurer Nav Singh updated members on the most recent student organizations to receive SGA-allocated funding. Four organizations received a total of $1,366. This meeting marked the second to last session for this semester. There will be 10 more sessions next semester for clubs that didn’t get a chance to apply this fall.

Members were encouraged to participate in the Cardz for Kidz program. Director of Platform and Programming Eisha Baig serves as the SGA director of platform and programming is leading the cause. SGA will be tabling on Nov. 21 and will encourage students to stop and make a card on their way to class. SGA executive cabinet made cards at the end of their meeting.

“Every card that we make is going to go to some kid out there who is going to read it and it’s going to put a smile on his face,” she said.

Baig had the idea to promote the organization after learning her friend from high school has promoted the event on Georgia Tech’s campus.

Cabinet and senate will not meet next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Their last meetings of the semester will be held on Dec. 3.