SGA Beyond Portrait

(Left to right) Hannah Payne, Briana Hayes and Matthew McDaniel are running as the Beyond executive ticket for the 2020 University of Georgia Student Government Association election. (Photo/Ryan Cameron

Beyond, the 2020 UGA SGA executive ticket with the most SGA experience, wants to create, uplift and engage with the UGA and Athens communities if elected.

Briana Hayes, the Beyond presidential candidate, said the ticket name comes from the idea of SGA going “above and beyond.” 

She said it applies to the ticket’s goal of going “beyond the Arch” to extend resources to the larger Athens community outside of UGA’s campus.

The ticket said it has a combined nearly seven years of SGA experience. Vice presidential candidate Hannah Payne is the legislative communications director, and 

Matthew McDaniel, the treasurer candidate, serves as the SGA Senate president pro tempore.

Hayes served as a first-year senator and an at-large senator over the course of two years before becoming 2019 Miss University of Georgia. That non-SGA role enabled her to speak with administrators and students with different backgrounds, which Hayes said helped her realize she wanted to be more involved in UGA’s community.

“I wanted to help students in the greatest capacity that I could and I realized that that was through Student Government Association,” Hayes said.

When Hayes started Rural Students Igniting Success in Education, an organization that recruits and retains rural students to UGA, she said there were financial obstacles that could have been prevented.

Hayes said Beyond wants to create an organization resource bank to provide information for students looking to start an organization.

“Our organization has such a powerful voice but we fail to speak sometimes, and so I think it’s time to step up and speak about the things that are facing this campus,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said the ticket, if elected, would create a “new org fund” to retain the remaining money in SGA’s budget at the end of each fiscal year instead of the excess returning to the university, McDaniel said. 

When considering how to engage with the surrounding community, Payne referred to SGA’s What to Fix UGA campaign, which, if implemented, would put iPad kiosks in accessible locations around campus for students to voice their concerns. 

The ticket would also create a University Community Roundtable where students can sit down with administrators to share perspectives.