President Rachel Byers announced SGA had extra funds in its budget to purchase 100 blue books to give to students at no cost during the University of Georgia’s Student Government Association’s executive cabinet meeting on Dec. 3. (Photo/Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

On Feb. 18, the University of Georgia Student Government Association passed its own legislation in response to a Georgia bill that caps possible dual enrollment credits at 30 hours. The bill, House Bill 444, passed the Georgia Senate and is awaiting passage in the state House.

President Pro Tempore Matthew McDaniel and Committee on Education Affairs Senator Max Harris proposed Resolution 32-13, which advocates for the state House to consider the effects the bill would have on rural students at UGA as well as potential students. The language calls on the Georgia State Assembly to complete further research into the negative ramifications of the bill, such as the possibility that without dual enrollment hours, rural or low-income students would not be able to attend UGA to achieve their higher education goals.

SGA has passed similar bills that comment on state government since the early 2000s, Harris said.

“Because this issue in particular is so relevant to student affairs at UGA because of all the attention and traction it has gotten, we did feel a need to present legislation on it,” Harris said.

Rural Students Igniting Success in Education vice president Peyton Lee also authored the bill. She spoke on her personal experience with dual enrollment and why she supports the idea of getting the state house to reconsider House Bill 444.

“I don’t know if I’d be standing here today without dual enrollment,” Lee said. “I think Georgia’s really, really limiting students’ potential by capping dual enrollment.”

Lee said RISE sent a letter to Rep. Houston Gaines, who represents Athens in the Georgia House of Representatives, to voice their opinion.

Resolution 32-11 also passed the Senate, which asks for the location of microwaves on campus to be added to the UGA app, similar to the app feature that lets students view the Wēpa printer locations.

According to President Rachel Byers, the UGA app was recently updated to include the status of whether the Wēpa printers are working and a dining hall capacity feature that indicates how full the dining hall is.

Vice President Melissa Hevener provided an update on the menstrual product drive. Over the course of a two day drive, 908 tampons and 2,722 pads were collected during last week’s drive, as well as cash donations totaling around $130. The money will be used to buy more menstrual products, and all items will be donated to Bulldog Basics.

McDaniel added that the Professional Clothing Closet received a $5,000 grant from the Office of the President. The Closet is an SGA-based program that provides free professional attire to students.

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