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Elizabeth Hardister, 19, does reserch for the College of Public Health on Oct. 7, 2015, in Athens, Ga. (Photo/Taylor Carpenter)

This fall, if these two University of Georgia students want to watch the Georgia games, they won't be able to do so at Sanford Stadium.

Instead, Elizabeth Hardister and Gaby Pierre are continuing their education in China at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 

Hardister and Pierre are Schwarzman Scholars, which is "the first scholarship created to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century. Whether in politics, business or science, the success of future leaders around the world will depend upon an understanding of China's role in global trends," according to the website. 

These students are part of the 142-student group who are selected internationally. Since the beginning of the program, UGA has sent one other student, according to the press release.

"On behalf of the University of Georgia, I want to congratulate Elizabeth and Gaby on this significant accomplishment," said UGA President Jere Morehead in the press release. "The are great examples of all that can be achieved with hard work, dedication and a drive to make a difference in the world."

They will be studying in the fields of public policy, economics and business or international studies.

Hardister and Pierre are both honor students who are finishing their master's degree at UGA before going to China. 

Hardister is completing a bachelor's degree in international affairs and a master's degree in public health with a disaster management focus.

Pierre is completing a master's degree in environmental planning and design. 

"Each is truly a leader for our times and will benefit from joining a prestigious program that prepares the next generation of global leaders," said David Williams, associate provost and director of the Honors Program.