UGA students watch the SGA Debate on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. (Photo/Jason Born)

Student Government Association tickets began campaigning on Monday, and while some students have strong opinions on the individual platforms, others remain in the dark about the purpose behind SGA.

Alexis David, a senior human development major from Atlanta, said SGA lacks transparency and has problems connecting with students.

Even as she’s about to graduate, David said she has yet to see the initiatives discussed by SGA actually implemented and make a noticeable difference on campus during her time at UGA.

Roxie Stricker, a sophomore management information systems and international affairs double major from Atlanta, said she did not know about SGA until she spoke to Charley Claudio, ACT vice presidential candidate.

After speaking to Claudio, Stricker said she now sees SGA’s purpose as having the power to connect student groups and students.

Stricker is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and several other student organizations on campus. She said she’s voting for ACT because of its focus on listening to various student organizations and finding avenues to achieve their stated goals.

“Empower has these general goals, which are great goals, but it doesn’t have any avenues or plans for the goals,” Stricker said. “I think [ACT] has a better plan on how to allocate those resources than Empower does.”

Julianna Isbitts, a freshman political science and economics double major from Marietta, participates in Freshman Forum, a first-year program under SGA.

Isbitts said SGA should ensure all students get a voice on campus, especially underrepresented students. She plans to vote for Empower, as she said their platform aligns with the initiatives important to her.

“I think they have a big focus on making sure they listen to all the underrepresented groups on campus,” Isbitts said. “And their idea of bridging the gap to empower students to help themselves and help students learn how to get student government to help them [is] a really good concept and a really good platform.”

Fadimata Maiga, on the other hand, said she hasn’t looked closely at Empower and ACT’s platforms yet. While she hasn’t decided who to vote for, she plans to vote. Maiga, a senior entertainment and media studies major from Marietta, said SGA is an “important and integral part of campus.”

“I have a lot of friends that are a part of it, and they seem to be very much into making UGA a better place for the students and everyone who comes to the university,” Maiga said.

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