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The University of Georgia will accept the Common Application for its applicants beginning in fall 2021.

The Common App requires high school students to only fill out one application that is sent to multiple colleges when they are applying for college. Previously, applicants had to use UGA’s specific application system.

David Graves, senior associate director of admissions at UGA, said this change will make the admission process more straightforward for future applicants. UGA has been reviewing the option to use the Common App for several years. Since the fall of 2019, UGA has been actively working with the Common Application organization on taking this step, Graves said in an email.

UGA has a recruiting and admission system that integrates well with the Common App, according to Graves.

“The decision to move forward with the Common Application was focused on how to assist our future applicants and their school counselors and teachers,” Graves said.

According to Graves, a large number of public universities that use the Common App overlap with the majority of UGA’s application base. This means that students who apply to UGA also tend to apply to other colleges that already use the Common App.

Seventeen institutions in Georgia already accept the Common App, according to the Common App website. Some of UGA’s peer institutions that accept the application include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and University of South Carolina.

In addition to accepting the Common App, UGA will also continue to accept the Coalition for College application and the UGA-based application, according to a post by Graves on the UGA Admissions blog.

Daniel Pysczynski, a rising freshman intended entertainment and media studies major from Evans, only applied to UGA so he didn’t need to fill out more than one application. It would have been easier to use the Common App to apply to UGA because he could have applied to other schools while only doing one application, Pysczynski said.

“It would have helped lessen the stress of applying to colleges if we had been able to use the Common App [to apply to UGA],” Pysczynski said.

Keisha Moore, counseling department chair at Lambert High School in Suwanee, said that UGA's switch to the Common App would give counselors two less weeks to complete school reports, a necessary component of students applications, if UGA keeps their deadline of Oct. 15.

“The only issue I would have with it is the current UGA portal gives us the ability to see all of the students who were accepted and denied on decision day,” Moore said. “Common App doesn’t have that feature.”

Graves said the admissions office expects this change to have an impact on decisions and acceptance rates, but cannot say exactly how it will play out yet.

“We really will only know how this decision impacts both our applicants and our office after we are one to two years into the process,” Graves said. “Hopefully, this change will be mutually beneficial to all people involved in the admissions process.”

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