COVID Vaccine_graphic

According to a Wednesday morning Archnews email from the University of Georgia Medical Oversight Task Force, the University Health Center will shortly begin sending appointment invites to UGA faculty, staff and students over the age of 16 who have not yet been vaccinated.

Invitation emails will be sent first to those 16 and over who have comorbidities who have not yet received an invitation, then to those 35-54 who do not have comorbidities and lastly to all who are 16 and older.

The task force stated that if the number of people in an invitation group exceeds the available supply of vaccines, a random pool of people from the identified group would be invited to be vaccinated. This process will be repeated according to the amount of vaccine obtained each week.

The UHC has received an uptick in vaccine shipments in recent weeks. The UHC received roughly 4,680 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine in March, according to the email.

According to the email, 3,168 qualifying UGA campus community members have received their first injection of vaccine, and another 1,769 have completed the entire regimen of two doses. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has not been received at the UHC.

Since eligibility has already been extended to include all faculty, staff and students, the task force said individuals will be informed by the UHC when it is their time to be vaccinated. Vaccines can be administered only by appointment, and the university is “being very careful” to make sure that no vaccine is wasted, according to the email.

Additionally, the university has requested that those who have been invited to receive the vaccine make their appointment as soon as possible.

The task force has requested patience and consideration as the UHC continues to deliver the vaccine until everyone who wants a vaccine receives it.

In the meantime, the task force advises people to continue washing their hands, wearing masks, maintaining social distance and avoiding crowds, even if individuals have received both doses of the vaccine.