On Monday March 22, 2021, a Univeristy of Georgia police car sits parked at University of Georgia police department in Athens, Georgia. (Photo; Conor Dillon / dillon.conor11@gmail.com)

Drunk student found vomiting in Bolton

On Sept. 18, around 11 p.m., the University of Georgia Police Department responded to a call about an intoxicated student vomiting in a Bolton Dining Commons bathroom, according to a UGAPD report.

Police arrived on the scene and met with a dining worker who told them they had contacted authorities out of concern for the student’s health after she entered the bathroom while being supported by one of her friends. The dining worker said she believed the student was drunk, according to the report. 

The worker led police to the student to the bathroom where the student was crouched by a toilet. The student had bloodshot eyes, her speech was slurred and she was unable to maintain a conversation with police, according to the report.

Once she stopped vomiting, police took the student along with her friend to the lobby. The friend provided police with the student’s name and date of birth. However, when returning to the bathroom with her friend, the student stumbled and hit her head against the corner of a stall door, according to the report. 

EMS arrived on the scene to examine the student and determined she did not need to go to the hospital. They advised the student’s friend on how to care for her overnight, according to the report. 

The student was granted medical amnesty and no arrests were made. 

Drunk student enters room in Brumby Hall

On Sept. 22, around 4:43 a.m., UGAPD responded to a call about an intoxicated student entering a room that was not his in Brumby Hall, according to a UGAPD report.

When police arrived at the scene, they met with a resident assistant and the room’s two residents on the ninth floor of Brumby Hall. The residents said that a male student neither of them knew entered their room and climbed into one of the resident’s beds. The resident was shaken but said she was okay and that he had not done anything other than get into the bed, according to the report.

Police entered the room and found the trespassing student still asleep in the resident’s bed. They woke him up and took him into the hall outside the room, according to the report. 

The student told police he lived on the seventh floor of Brumby Hall. Police informed him that he was on the wrong floor. He said that he did not remember going into the room, all he remembered was falling asleep. The student said he had been drinking, and police determined he was intoxicated, according to the report. 

Police escorted the student from his room with his belongings, consisting of a pair of mismatched shoes, and issued a citation for underage possession of alcohol. The residents did not wish to pursue criminal trespass charges, according to the report.

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