Residents of Building 1516 had difficulty getting hot water during the first week of the spring semester.

UPDATE: Residents of Building 1516 still face hot water issues during the third week of the semester. 

The problem has persisted since Jan. 6. 

University Housing recommended students use the locker rooms in the Ramsey Student Center when the gym is open 6 a.m.-11 p.m. 

Housing notified a student it would shut off the water today from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. to find the cause of the issue. 

"We know this is an inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we continue to work to resolve this matter," the Jan. 22 email read.

While University of Georgia students are still working out the kinks of their spring schedules, residents in Building 1516 have faced "significant" problems with the hot water system, according to a University Housing email sent to residents on Jan. 9.

Bowen Powers, a junior biology major, noticed he didn’t have hot water the Monday before classes began when he returned from winter break.

During the first week, if he showered at odd times, he occasionally was able to get lukewarm or hot water. He submitted a work request Friday, Jan. 10, but the problem wasn’t isolated to his dorm room.

University Housing sent a dorm-wide email to residents notifying them that maintenance workers would enter each room to “strategize the best solution” on Jan. 9 because of the hot water issues.

But more than a week later, hot water still isn’t consistent in the East Campus dorm, which has a capacity of 560 people.

A Jan. 13 email from Housing informed students hot water was available to all parts of the building but would not turn on quickly. Housing recommended students turn on the water in the sink 10 minutes before showering and leave the shower on for several minutes before getting in.

“It is inconvenient, but one of my concerns is that we’re wasting a ton of water by leaving the sink on for 10 minutes,” Powers said. “I feel bad about how much water we’re wasting to just get hot showers.”

Powers lived in a different UGA dorm last year, and he said he faced the same issues with hot water, which weren’t completely resolved for a month.

University Housing requested students submit a work order if the water remained cold after running both the sink and the shower for about 15 minutes.

“As you are aware, we have been working consistently over the past several days to resolve the hot water issues in Building 1516. We recognize the inconvenience this issue has caused and thank you for your patience and for your continued communication,” University Housing said to residents in an email.

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