Robert Jeffrey Speakman was arrested for felony aggravated stalking on Nov. 15 and is being held without bond at Athens-Clarke County Jail.

A person was granted a temporary protective order against University of Georgia adjunct professor Robert Jeffrey “Jeff” Speakman on Nov. 6 for allegations of rape, aggravated sexual battery and harassment, according to Clarke County Superior Court records.

Editor’s Note: The person who was granted the order declined to comment. The Red & Black does not name people who report sexual assault without their consent.

Speakman was arrested on Nov. 15 for violating the order and charged with felony aggravated stalking. He is being held in the Athens-Clarke County Jail without bond.

Speakman has been suspended indefinitely from UGA and is “prohibited from coming to campus without prior permission,” university spokesperson Greg Trevor said in a statement.

Speakman, an adjunct professor of anthropology and geology, is also the director of the Center for Applied Isotope Studies. He came to UGA in 2011.

Speakman’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the Nov. 6 order, a person commits aggravated stalking by “[placing] under surveillance,” following or contacting “for the purpose of harassing and intimidating” the person who was granted the order. In the order, Speakman was notified that a violation of the order “may result in immediate arrest and criminal prosecution.”

Speakman was prevented from contacting the petitioner in any form, according to the order.

On Nov. 18, Speakman filed a motion for the court to set bond at “no more than $5,000.”

According to court records, Speakman and the person who was granted the order previously lived under the same household. They are not and were not spouses, parents of the same child or parent and child. The alleged rape, aggravated sexual battery and harassment occurred between May 18 and Sept. 16, 2019

According to the protective order, a hearing date of Dec. 3 was set for Speakman to “show cause if [he] can why the requests of the Petitioner should not be granted.”

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