At this point, almost every student at The University of Georgia is accustomed to the rhythmic countdown of the crosswalk outside of Bolton Dining Commons. However, Michael Nguyen, a freshman computer science major, and Ashley Hegwood, a freshman management major, were inspired to take the monotoned voice, and put the sound to a beat. 

Nguyen said he made what he calls the “wait remix” after Hegwood, a friend from St. Pius X Catholic High School, texted him the idea.

 “Ashley just randomly sent me the idea one day,” Nguyen said. “It was never something I had ever seriously considered.”

After four days of being online, the song has over 24,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Hegwood said the she had the idea when eating lunch with some friends.

“Basically we were all just joking around and saying someone should make a remix of the Bolton crosswalk voice,” Hegwood said. 

Hegwood said she texted Nguyen to make the remix after her conversation with her friend, and was hopeful that he would really make it.

“I remembered Michael used to make stuff like that in high school and he was like okay sure why not,” Hegwood said. “He actually forgot for about it for two weeks and I had to text him and remind him.”

Katherine Nettleship, a freshman biology major, said that part of what made the mix so funny was how often most students come in contact with the crosswalk. 

“I think everyone at some point has hit wait sign a couple times in a row because it says wait literally every time you hit it,” Nettleship said.

Originally, Nettleship said Hegwood showed her Nguyen’s first version of the song, which only had the crosswalk’s “wait” sound.”

“I was like what the heck, he forgot all the cool parts,” Nettleship said. “You gotta have the countdown and the “walk sign is on for all crossings’ part.”

Nguyen said recording the sample of the crosswalk was awkward, and overall a strange experience. 

“It’s always a crowded intersection, so to hold your phone up in that intersection and having people look at you funny was kind of fun,” Nguyen said. “I think like a bus of school children just happened to come by around the same time and they just kind of looked at me.”

Caleb Adams, a senior computer science and physics major, said he saw the song when it only had 50 listens, and was excited someone had made it. 

“We all listened to it, at which point I was like ‘Holy crap. This is hilarious,’” Adams said. “So I told my friend he should post this on reddit and now it’s the most upvoted thing on the UGA sub-Reddit.”

Adams said he enjoyed the creativity of the song and was excited to see that so many people had listened to it.

“I’d love to say thank you to the kid who actually made it,” Adams said.

Nguyen said he plans to make to continue making more mixes, and hopes to make use of other  recognizable sounds around campus.

“I just got back from recording the Chapel Bell, and I’m thinking about doing something with that,” Nguyen said. “There was a comment that mentioned it, so it kind of feels like a dare at this point.”

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Students are just being creative nowadays. They do things what makes fun and laughter. buy soundcloud plays


I am glad that students are doing an unbelievable things. According to the reports of the SMO students are inventing many things which are unique. I appreciate the efforts of this generation students.

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