Six Red & Black editors reading the newspaper on Aug. 22, 2018. 

Dear readers, 

Thank you for checking out our Athenscape digital content, adapted from our annual Athenscape paper.

Athenscape is a special edition — it’s meant to welcome the incoming freshman class and any other new students to Athens! You’ll find tips, tricks and fun information that will hopefully stick with you for years to come — or at least until the next edition. 

There’s so much going on in this city and at the university, and our job as student reporters is to keep people like you interested and informed. We encourage you to flip through our weekly papers, scroll through our photo galleries and read our articles online. We want you to become as much a part of Athens as the old buildings downtown. Part of our legacy as students should be feeling that while we were at college, we weren’t just tourists. 

Your relationship with us doesn’t have to stop at reading — come work with us! In addition to our mission to inform students and Athenians, The Red & Black is a nonprofit student-run publication, independent from the University of Georgia, that acts as a learning institution for anyone interested in the inner workings of print and digital journalism. We’ve got graphic designers, reporters, photographers, videographers, social media pros, advertising representatives and more.

Come into our office on Baxter Street on any Wednesday and you’ll see students, just like you, buzzing around and producing our weekly print edition together. You can also spot us around in person reporting on campus, at games or around city hall, putting stories together for our online articles.

For me personally, working for The Red & Black has been an unparalleled experience. I now know more about Athens than I do about my hometown — I understand all the Classic City’s quirks and special characteristics, but also its problems and divisions. This job has made me feel that even as a student, I’m doing something that matters and something I love. 

With all that said, I hope you stick with us. The Red & Black has made a commitment to serving students since 1893 and we can only continue improving with your support. So the next time you see a red box on campus or around town, check it out. I promise you’ll get something out of it. 

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