When it comes to food, Athens has the best variety, with food to suit any craving. However, some restaurants are often overshadowed by their more popular names in town. 

The Taste of India is a seemingly small restaurant at 131 East Broad Street, but has major surprises. The location is right across from North Campus of UGA, making it easy access for any wandering hungers. After walking inside, the entire restaurant magnified and multiplied.

The tiny store front was just that, a front for what was actually inside. Rows and rows of tables decorated with faux candle lighting and traditional paintings and statues reminiscent of Indian heritage and tradition.

Greeted by a friendly staff, the service was quick, thorough and incredibly friendly.

Indian food is known for being notoriously spiced, often turning people away from its wide variety of flavors. The waitress labeled “spice heat” on a scale of one to five when taking entree orders, giving comic relief as well as sincere helpfulness.

Considering that a two on the scale was enough to leave my mouth burning for a few minutes after, it’s hard to imagine the raw power of a spice scale five.  More than the spice, the ingredients used in preparing traditional Indian meals normally include tons of healthy options.

Lots of vegetables are used (creatively, too) which gives vegetarians and vegans a great alternative to Pita Pit. There’s also options with chicken, seafood, lamb, tofu and even eggplant.

Many of the meals are served in the form of a curry, which is basically just a thicker alternative to soup, with many more ingredients blended together with spices. Served with rice and the helpful naan (an alternative to flatbread), the small bowls of food were more than enough to satisfy any sort of hunger but also provide food for the day after.

Utensils can be used, but the naan is also used as a scooper, to mix together all the food on the plate as well as eat it. Yogurt is also used commonly in dishes, in the form of a sauce or blended with fruits to make delicious drinks.

The Taste of India provides so many options that it’s difficult to not find something that would be both tasty and healthy.

With many competitors often overshadowing the hidden brilliance of lesser known counterparts, The Taste of India is truly a diamond in the rough. For those daring to try something new and exciting, the exotic tastes will give everyone something to rave about.​

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