Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been under scrutiny after many women came forward with accusations against the comedian. On July 7, Cosby admitted to having obtained and used quaaludes in order to have sex with a woman in one of those cases.

A comedian as beloved and prolific as Bill Cosby is bound draw Athens comedy fans with high expectations.  However, Cosby managed to not only meet, but exceeded these expectations when he brought his “Far From Finished Tour” to the Classic Center for two shows on Sunday Oct. 26. 

It was clear that Athens residents of all sorts were overjoyed to have the opportunity to see the legendary comedian perform standup from his new comedy special. The large crowd consisted of enthusiastic fans of all ages, a testament to the near-universal appeal of Cosby’s comedy. 

As Cosby took the stage, which was set with nothing more than a simple chair and small end table, he was met with overwhelming applause. Wearing a simple long sleeved shirt and a pair of slacks, he immediately drew the crowd in as he casually sat down and began his routine.

Despite the timelessness of his reputation, Cosby was still able to make his material feel both fresh and original. Telling most of his jokes in the form of long, tangent-filled stories, he led the crowd through a hilarious group of subjects that included religion, marriage and sibling rivalry. 

Despite his relatively slow and calm speaking, Cosby had the crowd hanging onto every word. The audience patiently anticipated each and every punch line, giggling and applauding along the way. 

And although his speaking had slowed, it was clear the Cosby’s wits had not. He cleverly responded to the reactions of the audience numerous times, at one point even jokingly asking a crowd member to check the time for him.

Time was of no real issue however, as Cosby performed for over an hour and a half, only captivating the audience more as time progressed. When he was finally finished, the adored comedian gave a simple thumbs up and walked off the stage, as the Classic Center erupted into a standing ovation. ​

Cosby performed an incredible show, leaving the audience wanting more. It was great to see this icon performing in front of a live audience.