Not even Halloween can make your heart pump faster or make you jump higher than scary movies. But combine October’s Halloween spirit with these scary movies and you’ll be screaming louder than ever at these films. This is The Red & Black’s 2015 "Halloweek" Movie Playlist. These 14 films are sure to frighten and delight anyone looking for a good scare as Halloween approaches.

Sunday, Oct. 25 - Werewolves

“The Wolfman”

This classic black-and-white 1941 werewolf movie is about a man coming back home, falling in love and, well, turning into a wolfman. Likely an inspiration to pretty much every werewolf film made thereafter, “The Wolfman” is an important fixture in any horror connoisseur’s film vocabulary.  

“An American Werewolf in London”

Forty years after “The Wolfman,” this movie has also become a werewolf classic. Directed by John Landis who also directed “The Blues Brothers” and “Coming to America,” this movie has the perfect balance of horror and comedy along with an even more perfect soundtrack and practical effects during its werewolf transformations.

Monday, Oct. 26 - Zombies


There’s nothing more over-the-top than 1979 Italian horror. Lucio Fulci’s answer to George Romero’s “Dead” movies is no exception. Gorier, nastier and more violent than anything America’s zombie king Romero ever created, “Zombie” is best watched neither before nor after a meal. Just wait a few hours. Really.

“28 Days Later”

Released in 2002, Danny Boyle’s first zombie film was the progenitor of perhaps the most terrifying thing in horror during the 2000s: the sprinting zombie. These screeching, pavement-pounding nightmares aren’t dead, they're just infected with rage and the hunger for warm flesh.

Tuesday, Oct. 27 – Hannibal Lector tribute

“Silence of the Lambs”

Not as centered around mythical horrors as the previous movies, the 1991 “Silence of the Lambs” kicks off a tribute to Hannibal Lector, the intellectual cannibal. This film is horrifying not because of its gore or violence, but because of its basis in reality, with the villain based on actual serial killers.

“Red Dragon”

If Ralph Fiennes’ acting in the 2002 “Red Dragon” doesn’t give you the willies, you might be a lunatic yourself. “Red Dragon” tells the story of detectives investigating a serial murderer as they desperately try to track down the killer before he kills again.

Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Vampires

“What We Do in the Shadows”

Made by the creators of “Flight of the Conchords,” this 2014 documentary is about three vampire flat-mates and their day-to-day activities. Funnier than other films on this list, “What We Do in the Shadows” is likely to go down in horror comedy fame.


Moody and unorthodox, “Cronos” provides a breath of fresh air in the dark tomb of overdone vampire plots. This 1993 movie is no “Twilight.” “Cronos” brings a new twist to vampire movies, leaving its audience both uneasy and saddened by the end.

Thursday, Oct. 29 – Possessions

“The Exorcist”

Supposedly vomit-inducing in its heyday, “The Exorcist” is still the scariest movie ever made to some. “The Exorcist” recounts the story of Reagan, a pre-teen girl who becomes possessed by a demon. A little slow at the beginning, the plot picks up abruptly and doesn’t stop being horrifying and disgusting until it’s over. Take the 1973 movie for what it is and let yourself be scared. You will be.

“The Taking of Deborah Logan”

It’s not clear if poor Deborah Logan has Alzheimer’s disease or if she’s possessed. Viewers can only decide for themselves after watching the 2014 movie “The Taking of Deborah Logan.” One of the better movies in the recent slew of horror films, this movie is full of horrors, the worst of which is the uncertainty of what’s around the next corner.

Friday, Oct. 30 – Sex


“Shivers,” also known as “They Came from Within,” tells the story of a secluded yuppie apartment complex overrun by a sexually transmitted virus that turns its victims into sex-crazed zombies. Sometimes humorous, but mostly gross, this 1975 Canadian horror film is sure to put a damper on any Netflix-and-chill plans you have.

“It Follows”

Keeping in line with the theme of sexually-transmitted horror, “It Follows” is a pulse-pounding horror film determined to go down in horror movie notoriety. With aesthetics and a soundtrack harkening back to 1980s slasher flicks and a plot that prods at the horror of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS, this 2014 film is a chilling-yet-fresh look at American horror.

Halloween – Saturday, Oct. 31 – John Carpenter

“The Thing”

Nothing tops off a horror playlist more than a marathon of one of America’s horror masters, John Carpenter. “The Thing” is a 1982 body-snatching alien thriller with the original tagline: “Man is the warmest place to hide.” This movie oozes dread and is packed with masterful practical effects.

“Prince of Darkness”

This 1987 movie is a testament to Carpenter’s versatility of directing horrific scenarios and creating persuasive characters. When researchers find an eerie cylinder in an abandoned church, the balance between good and evil may be at stake. “Prince of Darkness” firmly situates Carpenter as the king of dread.


Capping off the Hallo-week playlist is John Carpenter’s original “Halloween.” Don’t go for whatever Rob Zombie tried to peddle in 2007, because the 1978 version is the real deal. Where Zombie tried to explain the psychosis and killer tendencies of Michael Myers, Carpenter leaves Myers’ evil up to debate, a much more sinister choice. Stick with the best. Scream with scream-queen Jamie-Lee Curtis and look through the eyes of pure evil in the lonely, late hours of Halloween.

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