Weaver D's

Dexter Weaver announced Weaver D's will close in the coming weeks because of financial strain. SEAN TAYLOR/Staff

There is a lime green building just east of downtown Athens where Weaver D’s has served up soul food for 27 years.

A cookbook, an American Classic award and an R.E.M. album name later, the business and building are up for sale.

Owner Dexter Weaver announced he would sell the restaurant just months after a cry for help to the community.

“I might want to take a year or two off,” he said. “‘Cause I have just really become exhausted in 27 years, you know, doing the same thing. But I would like to take me a nice break or two.”

He said the possibility of running it under new ownership is a winsome one, but he is open to other options.

Weaver called for help in October, when the restaurant was on the brink of closing, and the community came out. A Facebook campaign by one patron drew more than 200 customers into the business on a Friday afternoon, and many Athenians passed through to purchase food, make donations and offer verbal support.

“We had a lot of people coming throughout the day,” Weaver said. “We was open up until around 9 o’ clock every day, you know, because people just still kept coming, and we just served them. We served them on up ‘til the end, ‘til they stopped coming.”

Business picked up for about two weeks, Weaver said, but then slowed again.

“It was just fresh in their minds,” he said. “Some places, I think the people might have forgotten about. Then when they hear something about it, they go, ‘Oh, I haven’t been there in a long time.’ So they just start coming back again.”

But they don’t always keep coming back.

With his restaurant in desperate financial straits once more, selling may be the only choice for Weaver.

Weaver bought the restaurant property from Mingledorff Properties for $175,000 in 2009. The land is now valued at $160,080 and the building at $14,570, according to the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Board of Tax Assessors.

The business is not yet listed anywhere, but Weaver said interested buyers may contact him.

“I’m going by the spirit with the whole thing,” he said. “But it is for sale.”

However, Weaver said if the business didn’t sell, he would keep running it or consider renting the space to someone else.

Last fall, some community members pointed to Weaver’s five-person staff as an unnecessary financial burden. Weaver, however, disagreed.

“I feel as though we’re not overstaffed,” he said. “We need someone to order fill, we need someone to wash dishes, and we need somebody to prep. I think we running the right crew, you know — if we get rid of somebody, then I think service will suffer.”

Though some customers also complained about the restaurant’s customer service and overall quality — its health score was 81 as of Dec. 13 — Weaver credited the state of the economy for the restaurant’s financial decline.

However, he questioned other factors as well.

“I’m wondering, is this a trending thing?” Weaver said. “I’m sure everybody’s not eating wings and fries now. And I’m sure that we still supposed to eat a balanced diet. So I’m like, ‘Everybody gone to short-order cooking? Wings, fries, pizzas?’ I’m just wondering.”

Though Weaver D’s has long been considered an Athens mainstay, Weaver said many students are unaware of the local landmark.

“A lot of people tell me, ‘I’m in my third year, and I didn’t even know Weaver D’s was around.’ I’m like, ‘Well, where have you been?’” Weaver said. “There’s still more people to reach each day, you know. You’ll be surprised when you think everybody know where you’re at and who you are, and then they tell you they don’t.”

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(6) comments

Roland Timmerman

It is a really sad news, this place should be bought by someone who want to keep it as a restaurant. They can do some renovation work and they should also consider changing the old walk in cooler parts and get some new ones.


The restaurant building can be sold at a decent price, but the business owner can also sell individually the restaurant's equipments and products, like kitchen appliances, tables, chairs and so on. But if someone wants something of quality and something that weren't used by no one else he should buy it from a store. For instance, a unique and original modern dinnerware can be bought only from the Fine Brand Sales online store.


When a property is bought by another person he should choose his own title insurance provider to not let the mortgage company to choose for him. Every new owner should have this advantage and he should also find the best title insurance quote to find out more details about this type of insurance.


This historic soul food restaurant has a lot of potential. The new owner can do anything with it. The large space and the distribution of the rooms offer many possibilities, to rearrange the building in different ways. But some things should be completely redone or clean. For instance, if the building had carpets, the new owner should search a quality service, like the carpet cleaning in Fayetteville, AR to let the professional clean them.


The news is sad, but at the same time, the new owner can transform this building into a nice business or into a great living space. He only needs a professional constructor and the best decoration materials, including glass for showers because the bathroom shouldn't be neglected.


Someone should let him know that it's because Weaver D's is overpriced, the food is poor compared to other soul food in the area, and the service leaves a lot to be desired. I went to support the place several months ago and the staff was rude and acted like I owed them something for coming to eat their food. That's not how a business is run, every time I went to peachs I was welcomed and everyone was friendly.

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