Record Store Day

Customers shop at Wuxtry Records in Athens, Ga. on April 20, 2013.

Gift giving has become an essential addition to the festivities of Valentines Day and an almost a mandatory part of the holiday. From flowers and chocolate to jewelry, downtown Athens has a variety of options guaranteed to make your special someone feel loved.

Antique clothing shop “Dynamite” has many low priced jewelry options. It has some fantastic sweaters and other awesome finds. They have Valentine Day themed earrings and necklaces, as well as gold necklaces that make for a good gift, all with selections under $20.

Native America Gallery features not only jewelry for a variety of occasions, but also home art from the Kelly Rae Roberts and Willow Tree collections. You can find many native-style jewelry pieces, offering an alternative from the traditional diamonds and gold.

Music is always another great gift idea, and one less common than your typical chocolate and flowers. Wuxtry Records offers albums both on CD and vinyl, from '40s big band music all the way to today’s popular indie tracks. Employees at Wuxtry will be hand-picking their favorite romantic albums to put on display, but the store has something to meets anyone’s musical taste.

If you are between ideas, try Atomic Closet Vintage Boutique, which houses a range of gifts, including all those listed above and different knickknacks such as old cameras, typewriters and vintage board games.