Red Bull Tour Bus

Many concert venues in Athens sell Red Bull. But this isn’t a traditional concert setting. The stage will be rolling up in the form of a 1960s GM Transit bus that transforms into a fully functional stage.

Tuesday Oct. 15 Red Bull Sound Select, a continuing project that celebrates local music and the people that push it forward, hits Athens bringing a revolutionary free concert to the music scene. And Athens loves nothing more than supporting local artists.

Headlining the concert is Nashville-based Five Knives, who has previously played the Georgia Theatre and also the 40 Watt while on the MTV "Artist to Watch" tour.

Don’t let Five Knives' roots in the country music city fool you. The band’s music is a fresh mixture of rock n’ roll and electronic. The lyrics are full of rage and passion, not your typical Nashville band.

Front woman Anna Worstell, an impressive performer, is a force on stage vaulting off sound equipment and drum sets. Electronic elements are recreated live by Zach Hall and Nathan Barlowe. Drummer, Shane Wise, attacks his kit with creative fervor — completing the eclectic sound.

“Our first show there was with Big Freedia at the Georgia Theatre,” said Barlowe, who also plays guitar for the band. “It was a total trip and the perfect first taste of Athens.”

The band has played on the tour bus before and they were a little skeptical of the folding stage.

“I pictured a weird flat bed truck meets hay ride type situation,” Barlowe said. “It’s pretty insane actually. Awesome sound and a great stage.”

The band has a sound that transcends genres. A little bit rock and little bit electronic, the band lets its music speak for itself. Classifying itself as “punktronic ghetto tech,” the group goes by electronic and lets the public decide the genre.

The tour bus will showcase three other artists from around the region encompassing a wide variety of musical tastes. There will be something for everyone.

Electric Sons is an Atlanta-based indie/electronic band founded by vocalist/guitarist Andrew Miller and keyboardist/vocalist Ben Richards. The energetic beat of “Breathing Electricity” and the motivational lyrics of its latest single “Keep Young and Carry On,” could very well give it the staying power to become the first big electronic band to come out of the South.

Kyle Andrews, a singer songwriter based in Nashville, has a catchy and infectious sound that can be compared to that of The Shins or The Postal Service. You may recognize his 2010 song “You Always Make Me Smile” from the Holiday Inn commercial or “Grey’s Anatomy.” His sound will no doubt have you jumping around with giddy excitement.

Antonio Dewayne Boleyjack was born in Nashville. He grew up around the arts and that influences his work as Chancellor Warhol. Even with influences such as Kid Cudi and Pharrell, Warhol is putting out music distinctive to him. His intelligent lyrics and unconventional sound is revolutionizing the rap genre.

The event is partnered with the 40 Watt and will be outside the venue on Washington Street.

“I think it it’s pretty neat for anyone bringing anything outside where they can close the street and make something fun,” said Velena Vego of the 40 Watt. "Especially in the fall since it's such beautiful weather.”

Since it is outside, the event is all-ages and free. Local businesses are hoping for the concert to bring increased traffic into their establishments.

“It think that when you have something in the center of town it’s intriguing for people,” Vego said. “And Five Knives is an up-and-coming band that has played the 40 Watt before, so we’re hoping to get people curious about [the band] when they see the interesting set up.”


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