Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid, (left to right) Miles Doughty (vocals/guitar/bass), Oguer "OG" Ocon (percussion/harp), DeLa (saxophone), C-Money (trumpet/keys), Kyle McDonald (vocals/guitars/bass), Ryan "RyMo" Moran (drums) will play the Georgia Theatre on April 26.

Corrections appended.

Athens is just one more stop on the tour for Slightly Stoopid.

The band is touring continuously, and its last visit to the Georgia Theatre was in 2007.

On tour promoting its latest album, “Top of the World,” Slightly Stoopid will return to the Theatre on Friday.

The album, which was released in August, was the first album released since 2008. Because the band built its own studio in San Diego, Slightly Stoopid had the luxury to take its time with this album.

“We had the time to try a different approach,” said Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran, drummer for Slightly Stoopid. “Some days, there were two or three guys in the studio, another day, there were two or three other guys.”

Different combinations of people contributed to each individual track.

“The end result was really cool because each song had its own identity,” Moran said. “Everything fell into place.”

The new album includes six tracks featuring guest artists Barrington Levy, Angelo Moore, Chali 2na, Angela Hunte, G. Love and Don Carlos.

“Those are probably my favorite ones because we were able to get these guys we’d grown up listening to and idolizing,” Moran said.

One of Slightly Stoopid’s most popular songs, “Closer to the Sun,” is a favorite of Moran’s.

“It’s always been one of my favorite songs to play and listen to," Moran said. “It’s a special song, and when we’re able to play it, a lot of people connect to it, which for us means it has value.”

The meaning of any song is different for everyone, but “Closer to the Sun” clearly relates to love.

“It’s mostly a song about love and positivity,” Moran said. “For me, when I think of ‘Closer to the Sun,’ I always think about people who have passed on, a family member or good friend, someone that maybe went a little too soon. They’re in heaven, closer to the sun. That’s my interpretation, but I would say as a blanket interpretation it’s about love.”

It’s no secret that marijuana and Slightly Stoopid go hand-in-hand.

“It’s always been an underlying theme in the songs — I would say it’s definitely an inspiration,” Moran said. “It’s part of our lifestyle.”

Compared to more hardcore drugs like heroin and cocaine, Moran finds weed much more innocent.

“Someone who is smoking will probably sit at home and watch a movie and eat a gallon of ice cream, while someone on those other drugs might do something more dangerous, break the law, hurt themselves,” Moran said. “This person isn’t out killing people. They smoked a little pot, not trying to hurt anyone. They shouldn’t have to go to jail, in my opinion.”

Born and raised in California, Moran began playing music as young as 9 years old, experimenting with the piano, the trumpet and the violin.

“I liked music, but those instruments never grabbed me like the drums did,” Moran said. “I had heard some Led Zeppelin, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I want do that.’”

Moran’s favorite aspect of being on the road is “the experience of being in a different city every day.”

“We’ve all been doing it a while now,” Moran said. “The highlights are trying different foods, meeting people every day, it’s a lot of fun. You’re always on this crazy ride.”


WHEN: April 26, 7:30 p.m. (doors)

WHERE: Georgia Theatre

PRICE: $22.50

Correction: In a previous version of this article the word heroin was misspelled and the wrong form of every day was used. The Red & Black regrets the error.

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