Two student organizations will hold a showcase at the Tate

Student Center tonight in an attempt to unite different ethnic


Sponsored by Lambda Phi Epsilon and Delta Phi Lambda, "A

Taste of Diversity" will begin at 7 in the Georgia Hall.

"We're trying to bring about cultural diversity at UGA," said Ronald

Chon, a junior from Atlanta and a vice president of Lambda Phi


Lambda Phi Epsilon, a national Asian-interest fraternity, and Delta

Phi Lambda, the University's Asian-interest sorority, organized the


"We want to show the student body that, 'Hey, there are other

people here and they have something to offer to the community,' "

said Sarah Cho, a senior from Alpharetta in charge of public

relations for Delta Phi Lambda.

"(The event) will be new to a lot of people because they don't know

what to expect at the cultural show," she said. "We want to

celebrate the differences that come together to create


The two groups will sell $1 raffle tickets before and during the

event to raise money for the World Trade Center Relief Fund,

which was established to assist families and dependents of the

victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"We are not expecting to raise too much money," Chon said. "But

we hope people will donate."

Cho said the amount of the donations depends on how many

students choose to attend.

Participants in the raffle have a chance to win $150 cash and other

prizes including gift certificates to restaurants like IHOP, On the

Border and Inoko.

"We have also received T-shirts donated by the UGA Bookstore

and Baxter Street Bookstore," Chon said.

Since the terrorist attacks, an event celebrating cultural unity

became especially appropriate, Cho said. But the attacks were not

the motivation for the event -- plans for the cultural show began

last year.

Admission is free, and students can enjoy a variety of cultural acts

and exhibits at the event.

"We have Chinese sword dancers and the black fraternities and

sororities will be performing step," Chon said.

Other notable appearances include an ROTC flag presentation, a

fashion show with costumes from the Taiwanese Consulate in

Atlanta and a performance from the University Swing Club.

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