Tele Novella

Austin band Tele Novella is set to play the Caledonia Lounge.

Tele Novella has hit the road for a tour encircling the eastern half of the United States. The Austin-based band will be bringing its pop-based music to the Caledonia Lounge in Athens on Nov. 15.

Forged two years ago from members of Voxtrot and Agent Ribbons, Tele Novella’s music has a heavy pop base. The group’s sound goes beyond what one might think of as average pop music, however, blending together a variety of rock, soul and psychedelic ideas instrumentally.

“We genre hop a bit from song to song. We don’t really have a super consistent thing that we’re doing so … it’s probably easier to categorize us song by song then as a band in general,” said Natalie Gordon, the band’s lead singer.

Natalie Gordon’s vocal delivery also works with the instruments to give the band’s music a unique character. Through the upbeat, danceable stylings of many Tele Novella songs, Gordon sings in a deep, jazzy style, often spinning stories and referencing macabre subject matter.

“Essentially, we’re a pop band at heart, and it’s kind of macabre. We’ve been described often times as psychedelic pop, and I don’t know if we identify with that fully or not. There’s small, little psychedelic embellishments, I guess you could say, but they’re kind of more story telling songs and very literary-based sort of lyrics,” Gordon said.

Having already released two 45’s since its inception, the band put out its first EP, Cosmic Dialtone, with Lolipop Records this past summer. Although the entirety of Cosmic Dialtone has only been released on cassette, several of the EP’s songs are available for purchase on Tele Novella’s Bandcamp.

After its current tour, Tele Novella has plans to record a full-length album, which will likely also be released on Lolipop Records. Much of the band’s new music, while still maintaining the macabre pop base, will feature soul ideas more prominently. In a vein comparable to the band’s new single, “Trouble in Paradise,” popcorn soul elements will likely have a stronger influence on Tele Novella’s next release.

“Swampy, danceable soul is an influence, as well as … French pop and psychedelic music,” Gordon said.

At their upcoming Athens show, the band will have a merchandise table likely stocked with Cosmic Dialtone on cassette. Tickets are $5 for adults ages 21 and up and $7 for those aged 18 to 20.

Although the band’s members have played in Athens venues numerous times before, this will be the first time Tele Novella as a whole makes an appearance in Athens.

“I love Athens. I’ve thought about moving there several times. It really seems to reflect the attitude of what Austin once was ten or fifteen years ago … I really like that town a lot,” Gordon said.