Nicholas Fouriezos

Nicholas Fouriezos 

The fight against censorship is ever present.

Since what seems like the dawn of the printing press, writers have waged war with little more than sticks and stones against the Goliaths of their age. Our own national history is full of publishers fighting against resistant rulers, and that legacy includes founding father Benjamin Franklin and patriot Thomas Paine.

The Red & Black itself struggled in August against one of the worst forms of censorship  self censorship  and emerged better for it this past fall.

But while we have moved on, another student newspaper has made headlines for fighting its own battle against self-censorship: this time, a threat posed by its own journalism school.

The editors of the Famuan, the student newspaper at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, left the paper and started a rival publication called Ink and Fangs last week.

Their decision came after Ann Kimbrough, the dean of the journalism school, closed the school newspaper for a month (for more on that, check the reporting done by the Student Press Law Center and the Society of Professional Journalists).

Now, Kimbrough's decision does appeal to those who wish stricter control was exercised on college media.

But the true power of collegiate journalism lies in the ability to cover a university unflinchingly, without fear of censorship or retribution.

While we must understand the responsibility which comes with such freedom, we also can never forget how great it is to have that freedom.

And when another newspaper is forced to fight for the right to cover its community effectively, others must be willing to rise in defense.

Ink and Fangs, we appreciate your courage in standing up for your beliefs.

Continue to cover your community fairly and accurately. Do your readers justice by maintaining high standards and comprehensive coverage even while the Famuan lies idle.

But most of all, know that your fellow collegiate journalists here at The Red & Black support you and are willing to help in anyway that we can.

Nicholas Fouriezos is the editor in chief of The Red & Black