Herschel Walker

Legendary Georgia running back Herschel Walker is opening his new restaurant in downtown Athens.

You name it, and Herschel Walker has probably made a career out of it. The UGA football legend can now add campaign endorsement to his impressive resume.

Over the past few decades, Walker has remained in the spotlight for his numerous accolades, including Heisman Trophy winner, MMA fighter and even Athens business owner.

Walker has proven to be a man of many talents, and is now using his status as a Georgia legend to endorse Republican Congressman Jack Kingston in the U.S. Senate race in Georgia. Though it is nice to have Herschel Walker in your corner, it is unlikely that the endorsement will have a major effect come election time.

Walker is seen in the video endorsement using clever football references to show his support for Kingston.

“I care deeply about our Georgia’s future. That’s why I want my friend, Jack Kingston, carrying the ball for us in Washington,” Walker states.

Walker’s primary residence is actually located in Texas, not Georgia – which conflicts with his use of “our” and “us.”

The positive campaign ad is a much-appreciated shift from the usual name calling and slander campaigns that candidates tend to air during election season. Unfortunately for Kingston’s campaign, the ad is not much more than that, a simple positive endorsement.

When it comes to representing the face of football in Georgia, Walker reigns as king; however, when it comes to politics, not so much.

Other than being a recognizable face, Walker does not add much to Kingston’s campaign. Just like it would be illogical to have a politician endorse an athlete, it does not make much sense to use an athlete to endorse a politician.

Walker, who has avoided the world of politics until now, has no experience when it comes to politics; consequently, it is difficult to take the ad seriously.

This is certainly not the first time, nor the last, that a candidate has used an athlete to endorse their campaign. For example, Floyd Mayweather, Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony have been seen in ads endorsing Barack Obama.

Walker’s endorsement certainly will not hurt Kingston’s chances of winning the Senate race, but it is far from being a game changer.

The national publicity that the ad has received is a definite plus for Kingston’s campaign. Now that the ad has everyone’s attention, it is ultimately up to Kingston to win over voters in Georgia.

The ad was great for publicity, but it is not quite enough to sway any voters from changing their votes.

—Samuel Woo is a sophomore from Marietta majoring in business administration and international affairs

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